Asheville, NC – North Carolina Arboretum

For lots of other arboretum posts, search internet by “ranger annette north carolina arboretum”. Especially if you’re wondering what types of blooms are occurring each month.

This was our monthly visit to the arboretum. Still insanely hot and just too hot to do a good hike.

Today when we checked out what was blooming, there was an exhibit going on that we didn’t know about. The exhibit was called Nature Connects®, Art with LEGO® Bricks,

This outdoor exhibit was composed of 14  sculptures made entirely out of LEGO bricks. This equated to 370,000 Lego bricks being used in these sculptures. These 14 sculptures were placed all throughout the gardens. You were given a map to ensure that you got to visit each sculpture. It was pretty cool.

Here are some photos from today. A few of what was blooming. I’ve also captured each sculpture that they had throughout the gardens. A few photos from home too that were taken over the past week.

Arboretum address: 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville, NC


These first 8 photos are non-Lego photos that we took as we strolled around the gardens









Lego Giant Praying Mantis


Lego Kneeling Gardener


Lego Snake and Mouse


Lego Bald Eagle


Lego Large Sundial


Lego Giant White Lily


Lego Pileated Woodpecker


Lego Life Size Roto Tiller


Lego Monarch on Milkweed


Lego Hummingbird


Lego Moth Orchid


Lego Birds vs Squirrels at Feeder


Lego Duck with Ducklings


Back at home. Orka photo shoot again this week.


I believe this is a pigeon on my roof


Last weekend was the race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. About the best shot I was able to get of the jets. Can’t remember if this was before or after fly-over.


Asheville, NC – Asheville Botanical Gardens

My last post was from earlier in the day today. After a good rain, we headed over to the botanical gardens to walk a little more.

Asheville Botanical Gardens consists of 10 acres and an easy 1/2 mile loop. There is a small visitors center with a gift shop. The flowers were beautiful as you stepped down from the parking area. We took off to the left. There is a little overlook off the main trail to the left where you have views of the creek. You then head on and cross a couple of bridges. You are now walking beside of the creek. The water in the creek was higher than I’ve ever seen it, due to the rain that had just occurred. When we came to where the trail bears to the right, we walked across the open area and we were going to take a little dirt trail along the creek. But, where it was kind of grown up and had just rained, we decided to leave that for a drier day. Got back out on the main trail and you then come to a springhouse and an 1840’s cabin. It’s called Hayes Cabin, and both the cabin and springhouse were moved here from somewhere in Madison County. We then took a hard right and now you are walking back towards the visitors center and the trail is now in the woods above the trail that you took beside of the creek. You eventually come to a large meadow where when it’s dry, you see people with blankets out. There is a gazebo and some picnic tables in this area. We crossed one last bridge and were back to the parking area. Nice little stroll.

Here are a few photos from that walk. The twins were up this past week, so a few photos of them. And, took a bunch of deer photos this past week and included a few of them. A mama and her baby. Captured one of the two young bucks that we see all the time at the house.

Botanical gardens address: 151 W. T. Weaver Boulevard, Asheville, NC


Steps / blooms as you are leaving the parking lot





Walkway to the overlook above the creek


The first bridge crossing right after the cut-off to the little overlook


This will be our 2nd bridge crossing


I’ve never seen this much water in this creek



A little side trail before you arrive at springhouse / cabin with some purple blooms


I was surprised to see these azaleas so late into the season


The cabin up ahead. Didn’t get a close-up shot of the cabin. A family was doing a photo shoot.


Eli and Sawyer playing with their 18 wheelers


Rotten little Sawyer more making faces than smiling for the camera


Was able to get a nice smile from Eli


Young buck in our front yard


Mama and baby


One more of mama and baby


Asheville, NC – Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary

As I said in my last post, it has been so hot this summer, that it’s not comfortable getting out hiking. To get our steps in, we’ve spent time the last few weeks walking around big shopping centers, where you can pop into air conditioned stores occasionally. Walked around downtown Asheville. Same thing. You can pop into an occasional air conditioned store. We can’t wait this year until summer is over and it starts cooling off.

It was hot and humid today, so we decided to take a couple of short walks in Asheville. This first walk was at the bird sanctuary. This is a 10 acre sanctuary with a 3/8 of a mile boardwalk loop. We sure could hear the birds and they seemed awfully happy. But, we never saw the first bird. It was still a nice walk. Flowers blooming, a couple of overlooks with a view of Beaver Lake, and a small wetlands area.

Here are a few photos from that short walk.

Getting there: Just put Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary into Google Maps and get your directions.


Some blooms near the parking area



Signs at start of boardwalk trail


Gazebo at parking area


Heading into the woods


Coming upon Beaver Lake


Beaver Lake on a cloudy day


A couple of turtles hanging out on a downed tree


After you leave the lake area, there’s a dirt path off to the right with this interesting tree


Some information on the small wetland area


Wetland pond. Didn’t see any wildlife in the pond today.



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